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Top 5 uscreen alternatives 2023

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VPlayed is one of the best alternatives to Uscreen for creating, distributing, and monetizing video content. Its features include a powerful player with full customization options, advanced analytics and insights, and integration with major analytics platforms, encoders, and third-party players. It also offers a variety of monetization solutions, including recurring customer subscriptions, one-time purchases, tiered pricing, and more.

Muvi is another great Uscreen alternative, offering powerful video streaming, DRM encryption, and monetization tools. It also provides social sharing tools, streaming analytics, and single sign-on as needed. Muvi also offers content management options such as remote access, reporting, and customizable plugins. Plus, it has built-in support for popular monetization options like pay-per-view and subscription-based services.

Brightcove is another great Uscreen alternative. It has many features, such as social media streaming and embeddable players, advanced analytics, and powered with VOD and Live streaming. It also has powerful monetization features, such as subscription-based models, pay-per-view, in-app purchases, and more. Additionally, it supports almost all popular video formats, as well as third-party players and platform integrations.

Vimeo OTT is a great Uscreen alternative for business owners who are looking to distribute their content to platforms beyond YouTube. It offers secure streaming, customizable designs, and monetization options like subscriptions, rentals, and purchases. Plus, there are no additional costs for things like content delivery and storage. is a powerful Uscreen alternative that has advanced monetization options like subscription, rental, and VOD. It enables you to stream to almost any device, and offers real-time analytics and insights, as well as DRM encryption. It's also optimized for all screen sizes, and has powerful tools like live streaming, social sharing, and split A/B testing.