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[Sticky] How should I start programming, and what should I know before starting?

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Mark Sikaundi
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That’s nice of you! Programming skills are in high demand nowadays and the significant and long term benefits they can bring to your reasoning and overall intellectuality are astounding.

I am going to give you a step-by-step guide based on what I did when I was in your situation. There may be better ways to approach the situation.

First of all:

Do not choose a language now! Firstly, start by learning algorithms, computer logic, and how computers will read your programs and algorithms. In other words, take an Algorithms course or read (maybe a book if you want to learn it thoroughly) about them - a good recommendation that I would give you are books by the ‘Deitels’. Although they are long books, you will learn fundamental concepts within it.


Now that you know algorithms, and how the logic behind programming works, figure out if you have a problem you would like to solve. Programming is about solving people’s problems. So, for example: you would like to create a e-commerce to your cousin’s store. Choose a programming language that will enable you to do that.

Maybe your idea will need more than one programming language. Consider inviting some friends, or learning each required language step-by-step. Finding a problem you would like to solve will give you a goal and keep you motivated throughout this time-consuming journey of programming.

However, if you do not have an idea, or a problem you would like to solve, pick a famous language (Java, Python, C, PHP, etc). What do I mean by famous language? I mean the type of language that you will find many resources on the internet in which you can rely on.


Keep practicing. Programming skills are like any other. If you practice, you’ll do well even if you find it difficult and complex.

Last tip:

Do not feel as you had to memorize syntax or ready algorithms. About the syntax: you will automatically memorize them as you practice. About algorithms: understand and learn them. It is much funnier and more productive.

I hope that answer helps you. Let me know if you any further doubts.

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Initially they isn’t magic in someone learning and really put all his effort