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What is freelancing and how do I get started on it?

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You can make millions through freelancing.

Freelancing will make you damn rich, you have never thought before.

Freelancers are paid in dollars and make a huge amount of money from a single project.

These are all myths.

As a freelancer, you have to work hard more than a 9–5 job when you take on projects to satisfy the client.

But you have time and freedom. You can work anytime you want.

But the payment is great as you can earn money from the clients of tier-1 countries like the US, UK, Canada, and Australia.

You have location freedom.

You can take jobs from any part of the world sitting on your desktop in a holiday home.

How to get started:

I started my freelancing career by copywriting. But I had to quit it as the average payment was only 15–25 USD for 500 words.

Then I got into website design. The payment was 50–150 USD per page. But it was not my cup of tea. Layouts were just a mess to me.

Anyhow, I got a skill.

As you can see my website is made and designed by me only.

I design my personal website and sometimes I do it for my friends also.

Then I accidentally stumbled upon a skill that made my fortune.

The skill was Packaging Designing.

The person who taught me was a five-star designer at that point in time. I paid him to teach me and refine my skill.

The payment was great.

100–500 USD per project.

Not a lot of work.

Here is an example:

Pic credit: Dove

As you can see the designer has done nothing much for the packaging of the dove sachet.

Just a logo- which is always provided by the company.

The background image- Can be found online.

Some texts- The writing is always done by the client. You just have to arrange it with the fonts.

Guess, how much?

As per my experience, the company would have paid more than 2000 USD for this packaging design.

How and Where to start?

Don’t waste your time going to freelancing sites without sharpening your skill.

Nobody will give you a job.

  1. Learn a high-demand, high-paying, and low-competition skill.
  2. Take small projects to know what exactly the clients want. It comes through experience.
  3. Take your time and give them good work. Don’t try to scam.
  4. In exchange for that, ask for a good review that can be shown on your personal website to attract more clients.
  5. Then, gradually increase your charges.

I charged over $700 per packaging design in past.

You can just Google my name to find my freelancing works.

Feel free to ask any questions.