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What are the Benefits Of Self-hosted Chat App?

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1. Complete Data Ownership

Since you host your chat on our own servers, it gives you complete control over the chat data. This gives you the freedom to enhance more security, features, and value to your app, as per your brand’s requirement.

2. Performance

Since your chat SDK and the app is hosted on the same server instance, it improves the performance of your chat 10x faster, drastically reducing the latency between users with the promise of a better user experience.

3. Data Security

The most compelling part of your chat on your own servers is that it gives your team a clear overview of the user logins. You own the authorization to restrict unwanted access or malicious entries into your chat app.

Every word and every chat typed in by a user will not leave your company’s database, preventing any potential threat to sensitive user information like name, contact info, address, and banking information.


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